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I know everything sucks yeah I know everything sucks woah

Wow. I'm an intelligent one, aren't I? Start a community, and then disappear. Too many vacations, I gotta stay home once in a while, I miss it. Oh le sigh.

I've decided to contribute to this odd little safe haven for the creatively inclined.

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Hooch Goblet. Oh yeah, I'm a Pimp-Mistress. See? Another example of how lax the requirements are on the examples of ceativity. I pimped out a goblet to my own liking and >BAM< I call it creative. Meh, whatever.

Oh yeah, just remember to do your intro posts when you join. So you can show everyone else how fucking rad you are.
So yeah... examples. There's my train of thought. Uhm, yeah. Have a nice evening.

Creater, moderater, skankinater-
nikki v
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