Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn (nikkiv001) wrote in say_what_tivity,
Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn

Igor.. hit the switch, we're bringing this beast alive!

Yeah, so we went comatose again, didn't we?
Just to contribute so we don't die all together, here's a quick contribution.

I give you an untitled work of... words. Short, shitty, work-in-progress. I don't know how much more I may write to it. Or if I'll look at this again ever. But the community needed something!
Something I've been working on tonight...

What's my problem?
What's the deal?
Oh, nothing much, just
my heart won't heal.
Yeah, I'll let it go,
when you grow a heart.
But you've got being a bastard-
down to an art.
They say I'm immature,
just move on-
Do you know what it feels like?
Because the feeling's so strong.
My throat's been restricted.
I'm drowning, it's tight.
The air that surrounds me
Isn't mine to breath in.
And my ribcage is collapsing
So I bet you're fucking dancing
just to celebrate-
the devistation you bring.
Well I'll use my final breath
To pray for swift revenge
Because you reap what you sew (bitch) in the end.

I think I may start posting up pictures of collages and shirts and stencils and sketches and shit soon just to keep this community from going completely dead. Even if there's only one poster.
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