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My Intro

NAME: Xan (one of my alter egos. Short for Xandorra)
GENDER: Female
CURRENT CREATIVE ATTRIBUTES: Poetry, occasional lyrics, soon to be fashion(minor though) and random things I think of :)
HOW YOU HEARD ABOUT US: The lovely Nikki V via the sharpie cult
ANY FURTHER INFORMATION YOU CARE TO SHARE/QUESTIONS FOR COMM: I'm from New York, am 16(soon to be 17) and am learning to play pool..love creative ness and am open to any form of discussion(something like that) and I am a history buff of sorts.

Fields of Darkness

As the day ends

The sun goes down

And the moon rises.

With the moon,

Creatures of the night

Come to play.

Play in the fields

Of darkness.

~This next one was written a year later~

Fields of Darkness pt. 2

In these fields of darkness

the spirits of the night

are invoked under

the full Autumn moon.

It's All Hallow's Eve

And we're dancing

Under the stars

As we invoke the Goddess

On this Magical night

It's a beautiful moment

as our hearts and minds

connect as one.

We are children

Of the Goddess,

We're kindred night walkers

We are Scarlet Moon.

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