SAY WHAT?! Calling all creativity!!

Open market creativity... All things YOU
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Here's the skinny...
This is an
OPEN MARKET creativity community. Open for new things, old things, open minded to all.

Don't quite get it? Lets break it down, example style...

+Stenciling+ _ +Sketching+ _ +Stories+ _ +Writing+
+Painting+ _ +Drawing+ _ +Poetry+ _ +Photography+
+Collages+ _ +Crafts+ _ +Lyrics+ _ +DIY+ _ +ANYTHING+

This is a place for any artist, DoItYourself'er, or hobby-ist of any kind to display their work for view, praise, encouragement, critcism, et cetera or to just come out of their shell in a crazy cool environment.
Alright now, lets get serious...

<$>No Pornography. I'll get in trouble for it. I'm all for provocation and controversy, but just makes sure it's not porn.

<$>Lets keep it somewhat decent. Meaning, no racism or any -ism like comments. I love free speach to death, and controversy makes me smile, but when people bitch and moan about being offended, it's irritating.

<$>No flaming. This is for constructive critcism at the harshest. And I don't consider "this sucks," "that doesn't look good," "I don't like it," "Stop trying," constructive. It's flaming. You'll be warned, incase your comments were taken out of context or something, but after that... Bye-bye.

<$>Don't post someone else's work. "I saw this somewhere, isn't it cool?"- No. It's not yours, so it's not cool for you to post it, at least without crediting and their consent. And don't rip-off someone else's deal. Not cool, man. Just be you.

<$>Don't be afraid. We won't bite, at least we won't make it feel like a bite intentionally.

<$>If you get criticism that others deem fair or constructive, or in no-way uncalled for, do not whine and moan and get defensive. No one will pity you. We'll point and laugh.

<$>Try not to advertise, at least not off topic posts. If there's a community that relates, or a site that relates to someone or something, I suppose I'll allow it. But lets not get crazy.

1. Click join community. It's cake.
2. Make an introductory post including the following...
NAME:_________ (Which can be real name or whatever you prefer to go by.)
GENDER:_________ (Pretty straight forward, yeah?)
CURRENT CREATIVE ATTRIBUTES:_________ (Which basically means, what do you join for: writing, painting, lyrics, fashion...)
HOW YOU HEARD ABOUT US:_________ (For reference purposes. People who pimp us out are put on my "People to name future children after" List.)
ANY FURTHER INFORMATION YOU CARE TO SHARE/QUESTIONS FOR COMM:_________ (You never know, some people are chatty)
ANY EXAMPLES OF YOUR WORKS:_________ (Lyrics, poetry, pictures and such, whatever)
See... It's not so hard to join, now is it?

You're creator/moderator is none other than nikkiv001 so any questions, comments, concers, beefs should be directed to... me.
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